Friday, July 22, 2011

My niece's textured layers

My little niece came to me unhappy with the haircut she was given. Her hair was very disconnected and didn't have any real style other than a lot of length. She explained to me that she wanted to correct the disconnected areas where her fringe and sides should meet and that she wanted a very textured layered look. She also wanted to take up a lot of the length and she wanted me to give her a shorter side-swept fringe.

The length does not work well here with the front and sides of her hair.

Here she is showing how disconnected her fringe is to her side.

The back was very long and all one length.

I cut much of the length from her hair and added a lot of long layers and texture all over.

Here I connected the front to the sides and added more texture. I also added shorter side-swept fringe.

To style, I used a bit of wax and distributed it on all the ends of her textured layers and pieces of fringe.

A very happy niece!

Erika's formal updo

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Judy's highlights and styles

On the Judy mannequin head, I decided to experiment with highlights.

Using the bayalage technique, I applied her foiled highlights to areas that would accentuate the layers around the face.

I chose not to go too light with the highlights, keeping them a nice caramel tone and close to the base color for a more natural look.

For the hairstyle, I chose to flip up her ends to enhance the haircut.

Just for fun, I decided to have Judy go retro with an 80's inspired look.

Here's the back view. She's ready to star in a Duran Duran video!

My first beauty school client!

This young lady was my first beauty school client. She often wore her hair the same way so she asked that I give her a simple roller set and style.

Using a setting lotion I set her hair with varying size rollers and had it dry completely under a hair dryer. Then, I combed out her curls with a very wide-toothed comb.

With my fingers and a comb, I worked her hair around arranging it into a style.

Here, I complete the look by adding some finishing shine spray.

A happy client!

Alison's Haircut

On my Alison mannequin, I originally started out with her having long one length blunt cut:

I decided to give her layers with low elevation so that I could still work with her, (mannequins aren't cheap).

Here is a back view of the end result.

Here we have a closer view.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Peace and Understanding

Let's have a round of applause for the Minister's Manifesto and it's participants who prove there is a God still looking out for us all.

"HATRED and scorn for those of another race, or for those who hold a position different from our own, can never be justified."

Monday, October 22, 2007