Friday, July 22, 2011

My niece's textured layers

My little niece came to me unhappy with the haircut she was given. Her hair was very disconnected and didn't have any real style other than a lot of length. She explained to me that she wanted to correct the disconnected areas where her fringe and sides should meet and that she wanted a very textured layered look. She also wanted to take up a lot of the length and she wanted me to give her a shorter side-swept fringe.

The length does not work well here with the front and sides of her hair.

Here she is showing how disconnected her fringe is to her side.

The back was very long and all one length.

I cut much of the length from her hair and added a lot of long layers and texture all over.

Here I connected the front to the sides and added more texture. I also added shorter side-swept fringe.

To style, I used a bit of wax and distributed it on all the ends of her textured layers and pieces of fringe.

A very happy niece!

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